Qirx Professional Services

Qirx Professional Services can offer your business everything from products to complete design and implementation services.  Qirx can design, implement and deliver complete IT solutions for your business involving the whole infrastructure stack. This may include cloud services and project management.

In addition to being an IT solutions integrator, Qirx can also assist with your storage, virtualisation or networking needs as standalone products or services.

Qirx takes a holistic approach to virtual architecture, storage and networking, considering all elements of an environment when developing a design. This approach provides our clients with the best possible solution for each unique environment. Qirx has a team of highly trained specialists as well as strategic partnerships with a wide variety of technology providers to ensure that we can deliver you a truly unique and best fit IT solution.

Our aim is to properly assess your requirements before selecting the most appropriate technology and methodologies from the most appropriate vendor(s) to deliver you a high-performance and cost-effective solution that properly meets your needs. Having partnerships with a variety of vendors allows us to create a solution that is as custom as your network, rather than being wedded to a single vendor solution that may not meet your needs.

Qirx is an Elite Nutanix Partner, a VMware Enterprise Partner and Veeam Gold Pro-Partner. We have earned these accolades by training our consultants extensively in all of the latest Nutanix, VMware and Veeam products as well as repeatedly demonstrating that we can deliver the best possible virtualisation on enterprise cloud platform for our customers through our expertise, close working relationships with the vendors and full engagement with you, our clients.

Here are just some of the Professional Services that Qirx can offer:

Qirx offers end to end system architecture solutions, each virtualisation design and architecture is planned to meet VMware current best practices. A virtualisation design and architecture starts off by determining client needs, from here a detailed analysis of the existing physical environment is undertaken to determine the capacity requirements for the proposed virtual infrastructure.

The capacity analysis undertaken for a virtualisation design includes all areas of IT infrastructure including server infrastructure, storage infrastructure and capacity, networking infrastructure and client devices.

Virtualisation architecture designs are put together with future needs and requirements in mind. Disaster recovery, security and life cycle management are taking into consideration when the design is put together. This is to ensure the proposed environment can be added to and made future proof if necessary.

Qirx can perform capacity planning and analysis on both existing and future infrastructure requirements. This includes both the physical requirements and managerial requirements to ensure sufficient capacity is available to support a proposed virtual environment.

We can help you with:

  • Ascertaining the infrastructure and management requirements to ensure sufficient capacity for the present and future need of the organisation.

Qirx is highly experienced and has hands-on knowledge when it comes to data centre migrations, we have performed data centre migrations which include physical to virtual migrations as well as relocation of complete physical data centres.

In addition to the practical and technical aspect of data centre migrations Qirx also offers migration planning to ensure data centre migrations can occur with minimal impact to the client. The planning also includes disaster recovery options and depending on the criticality of the applications or the service being relocated, near zero downtime for the migrations can be built into the migration plan.

We can help with:

  • Migration planning;
  • Conversion from physical to virtual environments;
  • Disaster recovery;
  • End to end management of the process;
  • Business continuity; and
  • Near zero downtime migrations.

Server and infrastructure virtualisation is the cornerstone to any virtual environment. Qirx has been performing server virtualisations since 2003. During this time we have worked closely with our partners to stay on top of the best practices for physical to virtual planning, migration and management strategies.

We can provide the following services:

  • Physical to virtual migration planning;
  • Capacity planning;
  • Server virtualisation;
  • Network virtualisation;
  • Virtualisation modelling to determine future capacity requirements;
  • Conversion planning and implementation; and
  • Environment management.

Storage virtualisation is a key aspect of virtualisation. It provides the ability to represent data independently of where and how it is physically stored, thus enabling increased asset utilisation, faster application recovery and reduced space, power and cooling requirements.

We can provide the following services:

  • System design and review;
  • Operations planning;
  • Capacity planning;
  • Storage virtualisation; and
  • Conversion planning and implementation.

Qirx has a proven track record of designing and implementing practical and effective solutions for disaster recovery.

Qirx offers services in three areas regarding disaster recovery. First, analysis of existing environments and makes recommendations based on gathered information. Second, provide a disaster recovery design and a disaster recovery plan. Third, system deployment and configuration for a complete disaster recovery solution.

We can help you with:

  • Requirements analysis
    • Capacity
    • SLA
    • RPO (Recovery Point Objectives)
    • RTO (Recovery Time Objectives)
  • System design and review
  • Operations planning
  • Fail over fail back
  • Implementation

Qirx has a track record of designing, implementing and managing virtual desktop infrastructures. These environments range from as little as a four seat proof of concept all the way up to an enterprise 2,000 seat solution with user access provided by thin clients.

Qirx can provide complete end to end solutions for virtual desktops. Service offerings include:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture design
    • Infrastructure
    • Networks
    • Client access
    • SOE(s)
    • Desktop management
    • Environment management including patching and upgrades
    • Storage
    • Application packaging and testing
    • Test and development
  • Migration planning
  • Operations planning
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Implementation

Virtual deployment and life cycle management services are offered to optimise virtual environment utilisation and reduce management overheads. We can provide process and procedures for deployment of lab manager implementations and life cycle manager implementation as well as best practice operational guidelines.

We can help you with:

  • Process and procedure development;
  • Lab manager implementation;
  • Lifecycle implementation; and
  • Virtual environment utilisation (DR site also used for test and development).

By utilising the latest software packaging technology is Qirx can offer application publishing and packaging. We can provide encapsulation of applications to prevent software conflicts and reduced management overheads with the use of VMware’s ThinApp product.

Custom standard operating environments (SOEs) and automated deployment service infrastructure can also be built on client requests. Service offerings include:

  • Encapsulation of application;
  • ThinApp development and deployment; and
  • Standard operating environments (SOEs).

To ensure that your environment is operating at its optimal performance Qirx offers virtual environment health checks. This health check will ensure that you have the correct management procedures in place for your virtual environment as well as reviewing your current virtual deployment to make certain you are getting the best ROI from your infrastructure.

We can help you with:

  • System and process review; and
  • Infrastructure and storage optimisation recommendations.

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