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IT Backup and disaster recovery managed services

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) have the same IT backup and disaster recovery (DR) requirements as large enterprises but, more often than not, do not have the same budget to make this a reality. This is where Qirx can help.

Qirx offers a full range of flexible and cost-effective managed services ranging from a simple Cloud Backup-As-A-Service, right through to a fully managed IT service where Qirx will host and manage all aspects of your IT backup and DR needs in an enterprise-grade datacentre.

Based on industry leading data protection software, Veeam, Qirx will arrange for copies of your local Veeam-based backups to be replicated to our datacentre to provide a secondary off-site copy. Backups are performed daily and are kept for as long as your business requirements dictate.  Our system provides automatic reports on the status of the replication jobs for total peace of mind.  If you are not currently using Veeam, don’t worry.  Our service include all the necessary software to enable this service.

This service enhances the base Backup-As-A-Service by providing the ability to start up the latest backed up copy of virtual machines on Qirx’ hosting environment when a DR event takes place (e.g. fire, water inundation, power outage).

There are 2 levels of DR-As-A-Service and these are:

1) DRaaS Pro

This premium service keeps the latest copies of your server virtual machines on Qirx’ Managed Services Production environment with all the required compute, IO and Tier 1 storage resources in our Production environment reserved at all times.  Should a DR event occur, we are able to power up your VMs in as little as 2-4 hours.  An integral part of this service is that a DR Failover test will be performed within 3 month of commissioning this service for quality assurance.

2) DRaaS Lite

This service is designed as a cost effective entry point into having a secondary site that is capable of running the latest backup copies of your server virtual machines. All VM images are kept on secondary storage but no computer or IO resources on Qirx Managed Services Production environment are reserved for immediate use.  Should a DR event occur, a short delay will be experienced before your IT environment is up and running in our data centre – typically 12-16 hours.


Backup-As-A-Service – $ per front end TB

DR-As-A-Service – since all SMBs are unique in their approach and policy towards disaster recovery, Qirx would be pleased to meet and discuss your exact requirements and provide a quotation.

Qirx provides a fully managed MS Windows-based (Win 7/10) Desktop-As-A-Service for our clients. The virtual desktops are built on industry leading platform, VMware Horizon View. Horizon View provides the richest End User desktop experience available today.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (or VDI) provides increased reliability, security, hardware independence, and convenience:

  • Reliability – running virtual desktops in an enterprise datacentre takes advantage of all the fault tolerance inherent in a datacentre such as highly resilient server hardware, power, and cooling.
  • Security – using zero clients instead of standard PCs/laptops means that corporate data are regularly backed up, stays secure in the datacentre and is safeguarded from theft.
  • Hardware independence and convenience – virtual desktops can be accessed from anywhere from any device including zero clients and any web browsers on Windows, Android, Chromebooks or Apple devices.

DaaS enables new applications as well as application and operating system patches to be deployed across the organisation very quickly with no downtime.

DaaS is available and suitable for organisations with as few as 5 desktops and scales to many hundreds of desktops.


DaaS – since all organisations are unique with organisation and/or industry specific applications, Qirx would be pleased to meet and discuss your exact requirements and provide a quotation.

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