Qirx in a Box

Qirx in a Box

Qirx in a Box is an infrastructure solutions package which helps turn everyday IT people into cloud experts.

Qirx in a Box gives the customer all the tools necessary to transform their IT infrastructure from an ongoing cost to a private cloud based service asset that is highly available, secure and cost effective. These tools come in the form of informative videos, case studies, business case templates, ROI calculators, project plan documents, technical documents, and implementation guides spread across the three layers: CIO, project management and technical. These resources are then mapped across six pillars: Virtualisation, Availability and Protection, Performance, Security, End-User Computing, and Management and Automation.

Other benefits of Qirx in a Box are:

Increasing your competitive edge

Qirx in a Box helps you deliver a robust, reliable and cost effective cloud infrastructure, making your business more agile and profitable.

Your own virtual consultancy

Qirx in a Box provides access to the knowledge, skills and IP to build your own cloud environments,

Reduced risk

Qirx in a Box provides an end-to-end approach to reduce risk of errors and supports the many different technology stacks of cloud.

Increasing your skillset

Achieve in-house, what up until now could only be done by enlisting expensive external consultants.

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